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Why softball is taken to be an American culture

Softball started from Chicago in 1887 during a Thanksgiving Day, where some approximately twenty people gathered in a boat club to listen to the results of a football match. After announcing the winner, a man hand-picked a boxing glove in his side and tossed it to someone who had hit him with a stick.

But before becoming famous, he only played his first game with many young people in 1887. People associate the game to George Hancock with the antiquity of softball. He was the man who shouted, let’s play the ball! He molded a boxing glove and made it like a ball, pulled Massa on the ground and found a broom swab to use as a racket. That was how the clue of the softball was born.

At the end Hancock refined the game, replacing the boxing glove with a big ball. The handlebar of the broomstick was replaced with a rubber bat and writing the rules of the game. Originally it was called inside baseball as unlike the softball of today, those who played it was thinking about home.

In Minneapolis, in 1895, Louis Robert, an officer in the fire department, was looking for a way to keep his men active in their spare time. So I invented a game similar to the one developed by Hancock several years ago.

The sport was named Kitten Ball in honor of the team that played for the first time. Another important milestone in the softball story was when the softball was limited to hours, cutting the roles to seven.

That happened because a firefighter decided to adapt the game to keep his fellow firefighters busy between the fire calls. The game was not called softball until 1926 when Walter Hackenson of the YMCA coined it at a meeting of the National Entertainment Conference. However, the term was slow to be picked up by others.

It was not until 1930 when the game became his current popular name in the United States. Many things happened because the softball was in its initial stages at that time, different regions and tournaments had different rules to play the game.

In 1934, the Joint Standards Board on softball was formed and became uniform rules and denomination. In 1951, the International Federation for Softball began to govern all softball competitions worldwide. The first world contests were held at the Quickpitch Australia in 1965.

One year later men had their tournaments. Since 1970, people have played the world championship every four years. We can conclude that the softball reached its maximum popularity in 1996 when it became an Olympic medal event.

Although the IOC decided to abandon the match of the Summer Olympics in 2012 at the 2005 meeting, the sport remains particularly popular in the United States. The popularity of softball has its attribute to its appeal for players of different ages who play in specified age categories.

You can expect to maintain its appeal for years to come. That is good for a game which started as an improvised method with a stick handle and a simple boxing glove. That is why softball is taken to be American culture.